Attn: Artists, Authors, Entrepreneurs, 

Designers or Just StUck at Home, 


Are You Dreaming of a New Life? 

In 3 Days, You can Turn your Dreams and Ideas

into a Decision on The Right Business for You Even While We Are Stuck at Home. 

Before You Waste Time and Money on an Idea that

Won’t Work…

This course helps you reign in your big lofty ideas so you can create your Dream Business. Ideas are free it is implementation that matters but implementing on the wrong idea could be a waste of precious time and money. 

You Can Decide!

Deciding what kind of business you want to start is easy with the Dream & Decide Method.

This method takes you step by step through the process of dreaming and deciding the best business for you to start.

Why Do You Need This?

Get Direction

Finally Know 

which direction 

you need to go with 

you business.

Get Unstuck

Stop feeling stuck &

alone in the process.

Get A Plan

Stop chasing the

latest fad and find

a profitable plan

for your business.

What You Get in This Course

Capture Big Lofty Ideas

A simple and fun technique for narrowing down your big lofty ideas.




Vision Map

How to create a vision map not just pretty pictures stuck on a board.

Visualization Technique

Stumped for ideas, a visualization technique that helps you come up with awesome ideas.

Bonus #1

Design Your Life and Business Kindle Edition

Need a copy of the book to help you on your journey?

You will be able to download a copy of this Amazon Best Seller at no charge. 

Bonus #2

Motivating Mission 

We are all motivated internally and externally. If we don’t make conscious decisions about where we are going we can flounder in a sea of confusion. In this valuable exercise, you will discover your motivating mission. 

Test your Ideas for Clarity and Sustainability. 

I take you through a special process to test if your idea can work at this time.

Meet Kimberly “design” Love

I got that nickname at events because I am always designing something new. I am a former college professor, while I miss my students and teaching, I do not miss the corporate nonsense that went with the job.

Since 2011, I have turned my love of design and teaching into a business I love waking up for everyday.  I am known for making difficult tasks easy & fun to learn.  

Now it’s your turn, I am here to help you turn

Your Big Lofty Ideas into a New Lifestyle Business.