Dream & Decide Workshop

Day 1 : Brainstorm Your Big Lofty Ideas

Day one we are going to brainstorm lots of ideas that can lead you to your best business idea or your next big move.

Day 2 : Post it Note Exercise

Day two we are doing a post-it note exercise to narrow down all your big lofty ideas from Day one.

Day 3 : Different Business Models

We discuss a variety of different business models so you can determine what would work for your business idea. 


Bonus 1 : Google Trends

We take a look at Google Trends to understand market trends and fads. 

Bonus 2 : Google Keywords

We take a look at Google Keywords to hone in on your idea. 


Dream & Decide Workshop

In just 3 Days, you can turn your dreams and ideas into a decision on the right business for you.